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March 07, 2018 - The Medical “system”?

I have spent the last year and a quarter trying to be “helped” by the “medical services system”.

I got entwined in what I call a "system" as I was showing signs of “cognitive impairement”. After much testing and diagnosis it was suggested that I start on a drug that “should help your cognition”. I started a prescription drug with most unpleasant physical side-effects and very poor warnings of these effects. I also cranked-up my brain and physical exercises and healthy living practices.

After two months I was retested and my scores had lifted "significantly". I remained taking the drug, now, gratefully, with no apparent side effects. Diagnosis of the suspected disease, Alzeimers Disease, is apparently difficult to prove, except post mortum? This is not helpful to the sufferer or their family.

This suffer, with family support, decided to make some changes. Retirement, relocation to warmer climes, and seeking out different and hopefully more caring support. Todate this has been a failed medical challenge. The move has been fun, costly, much work (as are moves) and a grateful success on the personal front.

The seeking medical support attempts have been very long winded and with disappointing results, so far.

February 27, 2018 - Nirvana

Very grateful to still be able to do some html coding this morning. Have added this page with a few troubles, some links don't seem to work properly and have changed a few things to no avail.

Had some discussions with a lovely man, Colin yesterday, who challenged me to find a project "to secure a Future Vision leading to Meaning and Purpose”. Wonderful words of inspiration for me. Col also added that I need to "Discover the Dreams that will require my Efforts" - great words and thought provoking questions.

And the words of a new mantra came to me in the early hours of this morning .... "Make my NOW my NIRVANA". I quite like that and it is meaningful to me. But what does nirvana mean? Quick web search "Nirvana represents the final goal fo Buddhism (a great goal perhaps?) - a transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, not a sense of self, and the subject is released from the effects of karma and the cycle to death and rebirth." That is profound.

February 26, 2018 - An Idea

This is a test page of a diary idea to occasionally publish grateful notes.

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