Born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1950, Guy Cheales was raised on a farm where the closest village was White River.

Guy started work in retail at age fifteen at the local hardware store.

Farm kart
Farm gokart

Guy has been a motor racing, car and technology enthusiast since age eight - built and rebuilt gokarts and cars "on the farm".

First ambition was to be a test cricketer! Second career goal was to be a Formula One World Champion.

Finished school at KES, Johannesburg in 1967 - final year English master, the inspiring Malcolm Armstrong, encouraged an interest in thought, ethics, words, writing and reading.

In late December 1967 and early January 1968 Guy assisted Firestone engineers on the Chris Amon Ferrari at the 1968 South African GP.

Alfetta Group One

From 1969 to 1974, Guy worked with karts, cars and racing cars, in South Africa and England as an apprentice, mechanic, driver and workshop proprietor.

Most of 1971 was spent in Europe working on Formula Ford, Formula 3 and touring cars.

Guy returned to South Africa in 1972 and opened a car repair workshop and started his racing car driving career.

Guy in Chevron
Guy in Chevron

In November 1974 Guy drove a Chevron B19, owned by Doug Drysdale, sponsored by Battery Man, in a World Championship Sports Car race, the 17th Rand Daily Mail Nine Hour, at Kyalami. Not quite Formula One, but close!

Guy imigrated to Melbourne, Australia, in late 1974 and was self employed in small business.

Son, Michael Oliver, born in August 1980, children are a precious gift.

Guy used his driving and leadership skills working as a driving instructor in Melbourne and he served as vice president of the Victorian Motor Schools Association.

After mechanical engineering study in 1986, Guy moved into manufacturing management, as divisional manager of Sidchrome Metal Box. At Sidchrome, he improved factory safety standards, increased production, quality and output, developed many new and improved designs and authored an Australian Registered Design.

Blue Brolga Logo
Brolga Box - not red!

Guy developed tool boxes in colours other than red (Brolga Boxes sold in record numbers in orange and green!). "Brolga" was conceived, designed, developed and marketed by Guy.

When Sidchrome was sold to The Stanley Works, Guy was offered the role of managing Stanley/Sidchrome Australia's "storage products" with marketing responsibility.

Guy chose to to continue his career in Australian manufacturing.

Stanley soon moved Sidchrome manufacturing to China and surprisingly dropped the Australian Brolga range of tool boxes.

Joining Siltex Australia as Production Manager, Guy soon became General Manager.

Guy designed and developed Australian Design Award winning and standards compliance steam sterilizers - firsts in their industry.

Data logger

Guy developed a digital data logger to record sterilization cycle information to assist medical practitioners to comply with, the then emerging, sterilization standards.

Served on Australian Standards Committees for sterilizers and sterilization standards.

Negotiated and established International distribution of Siltex Steam Sterilizers with 3M Corporation.

At the height of the HIV scare, in the mid 1990's, Guy lectured Internationally, on sterlization and cross infection protection.

Cate and Guy
Cate and Guy

In 1998, Guy retired from management, moved to Sydney, married Cate Boys, and was lovingly accepted by her family.

After studying and learning more about computers and gaining a Diploma in Network Engineering, Guy was employed in the IT and electrical industries as a trainer and an engineer. He developed and delivered technical training - C-Bus, Linux, Novell, Windows, Networking, Web and hardware. He administered small business networks using Microsoft and Linux server technologies.

After many years of technical training, Guy returned to retail, becoming a leading IT sales person, selling Apple and other computer technology for large retailers.

Guy took some long service leave in Hawaii in mid 2008, returning to freelance work in 2009.

Between mid 2009 and late 2015 seven grand children were welcomed into the family.

After much reflection between 2008 and 2012, Guy decided to return to full time employment. With his commitment to excellence, understanding of IT and design, and interest in Apple Inc, Guy sought employment with Apple Retail.

In June 2012 Guy joined Apple as a Specialist in George Street, Sydney. At Apple Guy has been able to bring his experience and enthusiasm to Apple's culture of excellence and innovation.

Apple Store Sydney
Apple Store Sydney

Guy has constantly performed at or near the top of most metrics. He has been complimented for his achievements and has addressed large and small groups of team members. He is often sought out by customers for his support, knowledge and service.

In February 2014 Guy achieved the status of Apple Expert.

V8 Supercar
V8 Supercar driver

In May 2014 Guy drove a V8 Supercar at Marulan - a seven lap Christmas gift from Cate. Driving a fast race car again was a real buzz for Guy, until he realised that it was 1974 since he had last driven a proper race car, the Battery Man Chevron B19 in the Kyalami Nine Hour race. Forty years between drinks - far too long!

In October 2014, Cate and Guy moved North of to Lake Macquarie, NSW. Apple management were supportive of Guy transferring to the Charlestown, NSW, Australia, Apple Store as an Expert.

Guy “clocked-up” five years with Apple in June 2017. The generous people at Apple Charlestown, Sydney and Cupertino “made magic happen” and Cate and Guy visited WWDC2017 and the Cupertino Apple Campus in June, 2017. Guy received great support, accepted his award and all the lavish praise which was gratefully received and appreciated.

After a lot of soul searching, planning and some great good fortune (and a lot of hard work), Cate and Guy sold their house in The Hunter. Guy retired from “Creating Promoters” at Apple (to concentrate on keeping himself well).

Cate and Guy relocated to the warmer, friendly, Gold Coast in October 2017. They have bought a smaller appartment with great Internet speed - life is good, and they miss family and friends. Guy is working hard on his brain and body health.